Sunday, January 31, 2010

over-edited, under-finished: jimi + luxey

JDP's intro, cos I'm too lazy right now--
"Aarthi and I were once going to make a zine about the South Campus Gateway which, at the time, had just opened. This is a version of that text unedited for non-clarity and replete with a sort of half-baked political rumormongering. But our naysaying has been thoroughly vindicated through the years. Today, the Gateway is a mess that is currently relying on "The Arts" to bail it out and keep it populated. The movie theater has changed hands annually, people have been killed their annually, and businesses seemingly close monthly. Their current roster of business can be summed up as tanning salons and bars for the people who love them. Some of the storefronts - smartly - never even opened. And, yes, the houses directly across from it on 9th still lay vacant. Without further ado:"
And now Jimi presents to you what we never finished:

(This was going to be in the zine too. No jokes.)

Dumb Note: I actually have an even more peculiarly edited version of this backed up somewhere, and still have the accompanying photographs, but who knows if that will ever see the light of day--and who cares. I suggest the link if you're interested.

new things

New desk (yellow) + chair!

ducky distraction

Annie receives her duck-piggy bank edible arrangement from Mollie & Casey. Thank you, Conrad's wonderful Blackberry camera skills. This bitch is a favorite of mine.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

talkin' hot


so let me not think to not think of you

In a vain attempt to keep my mind off what may or may not be heartbreak, I have decided to do a couple of awesome things.

1. This blog, that's one, and why I'm explaining. (A vain attempt--that is funny, come on.)

2. Buying a typewriter to finalize my recipe zine (no way am I having it printed off a printer--but, fuck, is this going to be time-consuming, and also, fuck, I will have to do the whole thing sober, or run the risk of monumental mistakes with every click). Finishing it, printing (that's with a silk-screen, don't get confused) a cover, and having it done in time to be in the Chicago zine fest is the goal (2nd week o'March). Which, depending on how well I feel I'm doing in school, I may attend (to see Jaebae and Cedric, mostly--thanks Megabus).

3. Getting hit on. Okay, that's in no way my doing, but it makes me feel good. What is off about this 'step,' if you will, is that making out with someone right after you tell them that you just broke up with someone is so weird--I mean, they should feel weird. And used. Wouldn't you? Guess not. Okay, well, I'm all about it. Straight crushin'.

4. Getting out of this city. I had an hour and a half long interview with Julie Fox, an admissions director at the International Culinary School at the Art Institute in Portland. I think this may be the 'path that I'm choosing' (school wise), as completing a degree at ICS will give me a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management with a minor in Sustainability. That sounds awesome--and I'm fucking pumped. I'm still looking into everything, but for right now, it's where my heart is set: Anne, Conrad, cooking, Resa, Jakob, Noa (really, do you want a list of friends I have in Portland, because that'd probably just upset you--yes, the enigmatic "you") and a coast I've never been too familiar with. To put it bluntly: my friends are growing up--I guess I should too.

5. Doing my homework. Often, with help. (Thanks, Arvind.)

high point low point

Haha, Cyprien hit on Alix.

Friday, January 29, 2010

it's friday night tonight

First of all: fuck yeah. Time-travel back to high school and you have the line-up we'll all be experiencing tonight at Carabar: Go Evol Shiki, Mortimur and Audion. Before I was legal, I was sneaking into shows (sorry to all the bartending friends I betrayed in my youth) or heading to Bernie's to see these bands. The funny thing is, it doesn't bring back memories of the shows as much as it brings back the entirety of my life back then--memories of house shows, boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, best friends, my now-busted charcoal-gray 1987 Mercedes SEL (it had a reclining back seat, dudes), homework, suspensions, curfews I never followed and teen angst are all flooding into my already too-cluttered brain. Needless to say, I am distracted as fuck and being entirely unproductive today.

Anyway, that's how I'm closing the night out--so let's start at the beginning--first Alix and I are going to grab some dinner. I feel like nothing more needs to be said about that, unless of course, you want to join us--you can txt me. So, I've got to write a paper on a sculpture or a painting for my prerequisite history class--enter the Wexner Center opening of works by Cyprien (too bad it can't be on a film).

I'm excited to see the works in person--and am going to try extremely hard not to think about, discuss, engage or enjoy them. Why? My professor is absolutely forbidding us to do more than describe the actual piece (1 page, double spaced) and then reflect on them (1 page, double spaced). The problem with this reflection is that we're basically prohibited to 'I felt this was nice' or 'I don't like this painting and thought it was stupid.' I'm not kidding. He refuses to let us analyze, contextualize, or intellectually interpret the work. When we got our last papers back on Wednesday, he even called out people who "looked into it" too much. The hilarity of this would appeal to me, except, needless to say, with so much restriction on critical thought, I find writing these papers unbearably difficult.

Next: Laura and I are going to make the Cornish Hen + Egg Noodle soup that we started yesterday (she forgot to thaw them before hand, so all we got done was cooking the halved birds and stripping the meat off the carcass--the latter of which Ian did). She bought a huge stock pot from the thrift store for $18.99, which I'm envious of, but definitely don't need. Ultimately, we failed in our mission (see above), so we split vegan chili-cheese fries at Carabar.

And then, of course: the show! Being, what, 17?--I didn't know any of the members of these bands personally until much later (see also: now). That was the time of No Tagbacks (don't worry, I didn't like that music then either), Roar is the Sound (two boyfriends in that one--go ahead, you can laugh), Young Zeus, etc. These are bands that I loved, and in a 'wow, you're older and you're so cool,' sort of way (e.g. The Cinema Eye--sorry Mookz)--so some serious nostalgia is creeping up on me. I have to admit, I wrote this post for the sole reason that my astronomy homework was making my brain melt. Now back to it? I mean, come on, I've got all weekend to do it. And it's almost time to head downtown...

P.S. Scratch that non-productivity that I was talking about--I just cleaned an entire room of all the junk I had scattered across it. If you know me at all, you know that this is a level of high-productivity for me. I want to be congratulated. Seriously.

Side note: If you don't find yourself at Carabar tonight, see if you can support Heather's V-day benefit at Surly Girl (proceeds go to SARNCO), then go see my brother play at Dragonfly Neo V with his new band or Zobe at the Treehouse. I'm not driving, or you know I'd be everywhere all at once. Gone are the days when I party-hopped. Now I just party-slide. What? Yeah, me neither.

just one last thing before i succumb to my astronomy gruel

My brother and I sit on our computer for hours (due to obligations such as an 8-hour work day and tedious homework, respectively) and often exchange links. Here's a good one. Just so you know, you know, it runs in my fucking lineage (literary lineage, that is). Also, don't be confused--I'm not comparing myself to the "literary greats,"--JUST SAYIN' IS ALL.

Also, as it stands currently, I'm still alive. Whether addiction or astronomy finally do me in--only time will tell.

P.S. Since I currently don't have a desk (since I currently don't have a house), I am forever losing things within the cavernous folds of my blankets (so, also, since I am always cold). I once again procrastinate to show you:

wind waker (perth, wa, au)/boring reminicenses of warmer weather and cooler places

I can't stop thinking about going back to Australia, Melbourne in particular, and staying in the city, possibly in Fitzroy (neighborhood equivalent to Olde Town East or Washington Beach, for us--though I'm pretty sure Washington Beach isn't widely recognized--and yes, I realize I've just digressed), being the hipster-seeking, art-indulgent, indie-culture hoarder that I am. Did you know there is a street that runs straight through Melbourne-proper (the 'city center,' if you will) named Batman Avenue? Now you do. (Actually, once it truly hits Melb, it turns into Exhibition Street--far less appealing.)

Here's an easy as fuck tip on remembering some of the the most important streets in Melbourne (proper)--from the Yarra River harbor (Docklands) heading inland (southwest to northeast)--King St, William St, Queen St, Elizabeth St. Get it? King William, Queen Elizabeth. Essential in finding my way after getting lost, which I did, and often. Also important is to stay within the square (rectangle), or you're venturing into tourist-befuddling territory (i.e. the coolest parts of Melbourne tucked away between warehouses, Clintonville-esque neighborhoods and various other inconspicuous architecture). These limits of the Melbourne city rectangle are Spencer St (southwest) and Spring St (northeast), Flinders St (southeast) and LaTrobe St (northwest).

Also, saw The Reptiles and Joe Lally play while I was there, a number of local bands, performances and artshows and hung around at The Gulag (think BLD or Skylab prior to 2007) including the linked show/opening/performance, among other things. I miss it all. I conveniently forgot Conrad and my copy of Smell My Skin (and my insanely beloved MTG Elf Deck). Which reminds me--just as conveniently (not convenient in either case, AT ALL), I forgot a couple CDs I need at Greg's house. Damnit. And I was really hoping on not stopping back there. Cut my losses?

Anyway, I'm avoiding astronomy homework involving Chapters 49-58, parallax, parsecs, luminosity vs. brightness and temperature, Wien's Law, the Stefan-Boltzmann Constant, and blowing my brains out. Await update on my life or death status.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

new xx video

I absolutely cannot wait to see these guys at the Wex in April with some of my best friends (ever & forever)--Mollie's Christmas present to Casey, Scotty, herself, and me.

And, totally unrelated, but really interesting for those of us who may or may not give a damn: an article on Gandhi.
Here is the Orwell essay he mentions: Reflections on Gandhi.

"The essence of being human is... that one is prepared in the end to be defeated and broken up by life, which is the inevitable price of fastening one's love upon other human individuals." -George Orwell

on what has now past

Today it’s that thick, sick feeling that crowds her chest. It’s what makes it hard to eat, hard to sleep. It's weird to think that someone she knew, someone she loved--and for so long--she'll never see again. It's hard to write down, to admit; it's hard to say the words and make it real, final.

It's the goodbye you don't deserve that she'll never get to say.